Below are testimonials given by students studying at AVIDE Education.

Testimony #1: Kate ACHY

Student in Business Information Technology at AVIDE

I am an American and I did my secondary schooling at an American school called Jin-A School. My original plan was to head back to America for university but since I was too young, my parents wanted me to stay in Cote d'Ivoire. One day AVIDE Edcation visited Jin-A School and I was captivated. I talked about the school with my parents and I was enrolled. The thing that really made us opt for AVIDE is the authentic British degree that students obtain at the end of the cycle which meant that we did not have to spend a lot of money to get a degree that we would have paid thousands of dollars for. As a student at AVIDE, I like how the learning process is not just in class but at home and in the real world as we get to put our knowledge to use and learn more things through internships and by pushing students to take initiative.

Testimony #2: Raheem DIALLO

Student in Business Administration transferring into Sunderland University, London

After spending my entire high school journey at Lycée Français Blaise Pascal, I had decided to go to the US. My time there was quite short because I only did one year at the Virginia Commonwealth University. I was not really well acquainted with the system; so I chose to switch to the British system. This is how I ended up at AVIDE Education in my home country. I spent one successful year with a quality educational system. They helped me during my entire time there and were very professional. Thanks to the grade I obtained at AVIDE/NCC Education, I applied to the University of Sunderland in London. Nowadays, I am in London doing my Level 5 Diploma in Business and Management.

Testimony #3: Orlane BOSSE

Student in Business Administration at AVIDE

Upon graduating from Lycée Saint Viateur d'Abidjan and obtaining my Baccalauréat, the French education system's equivalent of a high school diploma, I started looking for a good Anglo-Saxon school were I could further my studies. I was particularly interested in Anglo-Saxon schools because obtaining an English degree was for me a necessity and an obligation. In my home country of Abidjan, I went through a lot of universities, but was unable to find any school fitting what I was looking for in terms of teaching quality. It was then that one of my friends told me about AVIDE Education and the programs they offered. And with that, I decided to visit the school to collect some more information. It was in that moment that I was captivated by the school and seduced by the climate of conviviality that I found there. I registered at because AVIDE was the one school that met all my criteria. Thanks to this university, I have been able to increase my level of English, which was something that I thought would never even happen. I am happy to have found this school and to be a part of the establishment because it represents a model of excellence in and of itself.

Testimony #4: Keelan ACHY

Student in Business Information Technology at AVIDE

After finishing high school at the American school named Jin-A School and acquiring my high school diploma, I was persuaded by my family to participate in the scholarship contest at AVIDE. Fortunately, I won the scholarship contest and was granted a full scholarship. I was only 15 at the time and so I decided to attend AVIDE for the 3 year-long program after which I would go to America to pursue education in Engineering since I would then be 18 and old enough to go off on my own. I now attend AVIDE Education where I study in Business Information Technology. I am more than happy to be part of the university given that it teaches students in a unique and fulfilling manner by having them apply what they learn to their out-of-school surroundings. We are taught to go beyond what we are taught in class and to be proactive and hands-on with our work. I can safely say that thanks to AVIDE, my mindset has matured and I am proud of who I am becoming as a person.