Our Vision

Our vision for the short-term is to make AVIDE a renowned African institution, recognized for the quality of its education and its effective contribution to changing the lives of people in its immediate communities and beyond. Our long-term goal is to become the institution of choice for undergraduate and graduate degree programs built on established quality and reputation of our partnerships and our own personnel.


The goal of AVIDE is to be a leading institution for those desiring to acquire knowledge and/or improve their performance as well as that of their organizations. There are five specific objectives:

  • Help governments in their efforts to educate their populations;
  • Contribute to the production of scientific  and research-based knowledge to improve the wellbeing of Africans;
  • Facilitate the acquisition of skills needed to promote competitiveness among organizations and among nations;
  • Help define and improve public policies;
  • Propose an innovative model for learning and knowledge transfer.