Student Life

In addition to academics, extra-curricular activities are important in a students development by allowing them to take productive breaks from school work, gain experience, meet new people, and learn important life skills.

Students at Coconut Village in Grand Bassam.

Student Government

The Student government at AVIDE Education is in charge of presenting the ideas, concerns and interests of the student body to faculty and the administration. They are alos responsible for organizing events and outings that take place throughoit the school year. It is comprised of a president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer that are elected at the beginning of each academic year. Through the student government, students build their leadershipo and communication skills but also get to take active roles in making the changes they want to see in their school.

English Club

The purpose of the English Club is to give back to the community by sharing the gift of the English language to students in French primary and secondary schools. The club is open to all students.

*Students are allowed to create their own clubs for other students to join, with the approval of the administration.*