Financial Aid

AVIDE provides financial aid to students based on their need and merit. Financial aid takes the form of scholarships and discounts.


For the Bachelor programme, AVIDE Education awards two (2) types of scholarships:

  • a full scholarship covering all tuition fees
  • a partial scholarship covering 50% of tuition fees
NB: For the two types of scholarship, the student will have to pay the proessing fees and the registration fee.

These scholarships cover a period of 3 YEARS OF TRAINING (6 SEMESTERS)

Every year AVIDE Education holds a scholarship contest, in which the best students in their final year of secondary school from different secondary schools in Cote d'Ivoire, compete for the schlarships. The competition consists of five tests; English Writing, Listening, Speaking, Mathematics, and Computing, which are taken over two sessions. The best students from the first session move on to the second session and the best students from the second session are then selected to be awarded the scholarship.

To keep the scholarship for all the years of training, the student must have a general average of 60% or above each semester.


For special cases, AVIDE gives discounts on tuition ranging from 10% to 25% of the tuition price. Just like the scholarship, discounts are maintained by having an average of 60% or above every semester.