• 1 - MBA
  • 2 - MSc Management and International Business
  • 3 - MSc Management and Finance
  • 4 - MSc Management and Marketing

The NCC Education Level 7 Diploma in Business Management (which equates to the first year of a UK Master’s degree) qualification is designed for graduates or experienced managers who wish to further develop their careers in management or work towards achieving an MBA or MSc qualification.

The qualification is taught face-to-face, through lectures, tutorials and seminars, intensive residences with UK professors, but allowing students the option to complete the diploma in their home country or abroad.


  • Thoroughly prepares students for managerial positions
  • Enhances a student’s study skills in preparation for further postgraduate study
  • Strong university pathways onto a broad selection of courses
  • Cost effective means of working towards an MBA qualification
  • Flexible delivery to allow for part-time learning

Upon successful completion of the L7DBM, students can progress to the following universities and obtain a general MBA degree

University of Gloucestershire

University of Worcester

University of Northampton

A full-time qualification with a short, intensive period of tuition being spent at the University of Gloucestershire’s Park Campus in Cheltenham.
The University of Worcester’s top-up qualification is delivered in an intensive study block at the university over a two week period.
Delivered via distance learning and designed as a top-up to the MBA for holders of the NCC Education Level 7 Diploma in Business Management (L7DBM).

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