Master’s Degree Programmes

  • 1 - General MBA
  • 2 - MBA in Human Resources Management
  • 3 - MBA in International Business

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree, is now one of the most highly regarded qualifications, all over the world, for professionals seeking strong preparation for management and executive leadership roles in business. As clearly stated in its mission and vision statements, AVIDE’s basic philosophy is to be responsive to the needs of its immediate communities and become a vehicle for positive change in the lives of the members of those communities. For that reason and being fully aware that there are now so many institutions offering MBA programs out there, AVIDE has used the knowledge and experience of its directors and faculty, to select as partners, only those institutions in the United States whose programs are appropriately accredited, affordable and enjoy a good reputation among employers of their MBA graduates.

Negotiations for these partnerships are now at an advanced stage and, by the end of 2016, AVIDE will offer an MBA. While we know the value of the general MBA degree, we also plan to offer it in 3 areas of specialisation, based on the results of our own market research, which informed us about the demand patterns among prospective students and the preferences of prospective employers. AVIDE will therefore offer the following MBA programs, in partnership with British and Amarican universities

Companies, like individuals, can become donors to the Institute of AVIDE EDUCATION. They thus contribute to the development of high-level projects within the Institute of AVIDE EDUCATION, future sources of economic development.