AVIDE EDUCATION is a student-centered institution; which strives to deliver high quality education as well as prepare students for the job market. In this sense, AVIDE EDUCATION has put in place mechanisms to support students in all their coursework effectively and efficiently. The goal of the Centre for Learning and Resources for Students is to promote intellectual and social development of students.

I. Objectives

The main objective of the center is to help students develop the academic and personal skills necessary in order to succeed in the academic environment and beyond. Specifically, the centre will:

  • support the development of individual talents;
  • be responsible for facilitating academic learning;
  • develop students’ critical thinking and reading skills;
  • give students various tips for managing their time;
  • help students develop their presentation skills;
  • review effective learning tips;
  • help students prepare for exams;
  • offer social supervision and mentoring to new students;
  • help senior students find employment.

Overall, the centre is designed to empower students to become independent learners.

II. The Services

The centre will have an academic component and a career component.
II.1     Academic Services:
The learning centre will offer a free program of peer tutoring to strengthen students in the courses in which they are having difficulties. Once a week, the tutor will be required to meet with the student(s)to review the content of the course, show him/her learning strategies and  help with  exam preparation.
In addition, there will also be group study sessions. Unlike individual tutorials, this type of program allows a student leader to meet with a small group of students once a week. In the sessions, the leader of the group of students uses a participatory approach based on the dynamics of the study group to analyze and synthesize the course materials. He/she will also remain at the disposal of its peers to meet the individual needs of the participants in the study group. This form of learning support is an excellent introduction to the profession of teaching.
The peer tutoring sessions do and lead study groups are students who have not only achieved good results- that is to say at least B+ in the taught elements and an average of B overall-but who have good interpersonal skills and are motivated by the desire to help. They will be required to attend orientation sessions and training. In consideration of the services rendered, and they will be paid in the future, we should consider the possibility of allocating funds for these educational services.
Finally, the centre will also have an early warning system: before the midterms, the centre will identify students who are having difficulties in each class and require them to seek help. These latter will be directed to the adequate study group.
II.2     Career Services:
AVIDE offers quality degrees aimed at preparing students to face the job market locally and at the regional level. To junior and senior students, the center will be responsible for helping to plan their personal development to not only find a job after their training but to be able to better understand their professional project. As such, the centre will be a platform for job advertisements and an information minefield for those students who are ready to start working.  Overall, the services offered will include:

  • workshops on how to write a CV and on interview tips;
  • career fairs and opportunities to meet and talk with potential employers;
  • job vacancies: internships and full time work;
  • support for entrepreneurial ventures

Companies, like individuals, can become donors to the Institute of AVIDE EDUCATION. They thus contribute to the development of high-level projects within the Institute of AVIDE EDUCATION, future sources of economic development.