Our Policies


Mandating Authority: The Board of Directors
Responsible Office: Administrative and Finance Department
Responsible Executive: Chief Operating Officer


The Institute's vision is to be an international reference in education and consultancy.   As such, it strives to recruit the quality teachers and attract staff of the highest calibre.   This policy sets out the procedure for recruiting faculty, consultant and administrative staff.


The policy covers all activities and tasks related to the recruitment and selection process and it is applicable to all positions.  As such, it is crucial for all stakeholders to strongly adhere to it.

Basic Principles

·    First and foremost, it is the policy of the Institute to implement equal employment opportunity to all its staff, students, faculty body and any applicant of employment without  regards  to  race,  color,  religion,  sex,  national  origin  and  disability  in compliance with Ivorian law.  As such, all stakeholders will be treated fairly.
·    Second, the Institute will ensure that the best candidate is chosen for the open position based on merit and on shared vision.
·    Third, recruitment and selection will be conducted in a professional, timely manner and in compliance with current Ivorian employment legislation. Training will be provided to all involved in the process in order to make sure that they comply with the requirements of this procedure.
·    This  procedure  will  be  regularly  updated  in  order  to  ensure  that  the  Institute  is following best practices in the field.


The policy will be reviewed every three years.  Where there are changes in the legislation that will affect the procedure, these will be applied immediately.

Description of the Procedure




1. Vacancy

1.1 Evaluate the need for a new role


1.2 Identification of a position to be filled

1.    Line    Manager    where    the

position is located

2. Job


2.1 Elaborate a job description and            2.1 Line Manager where the person specification                                    position is located


2.2 Review the job description to              2.2 Human Resource Officer ensure that no discriminatory criteria

are included


2.3 Seek Financial Authorization               2.3 Administrative and Finance


3.  Advertise  the


3.  Advertise  the  position  both internally and externally in order to ensure career development of existing staff

3. Human Resource Officer

4.  Short   Listing and Selection

4.1  Have  a  minimum  of  2  people   4.1   Direct   Line   Manager   and assess   the   candidates   against   the   another employee with no relation person  specification  and  the  criteria   to the candidate if possible

and short list them

4.2 Human Resource Officer

4.2 Inform short listed candidates of their status and arrange interviews

4.3 Direct Line Manager and two

4.3     Interview     the     short     listed   employees with no relation to the candidates                                                 candidate if possible


4.4 Review interview notes and rank   4.4 Direct Line Manager and two candidates from the most suited to the   employees with no relation to the least suited                                                candidate if possible

5.  Making  Final


5.1 Inform the selected candidate and make a verbal offer pending reference checks


5.2 Seek information from referees related to the job requirement and moral standards of the candidate (this should be done with candidate's consent)


5.3 Draw up the final written offer

5.2 Human Resources Officer





5.2 Human Resources Officer








5.3 Line Manager


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