Our Mission

Our mission is to offer affordable, high quality education in carefully chosen fields to increase their ability to compete effectively in the global marketplace.

To help young Africans acquire the necessary skills to respond to the needs and specificities of the marketplace.

The main tasks of AVID can be summarized in ten (10) the following:

1- Provide a quality education for high school graduates and professionals;
2- Be innovative and updated training;
3- Train students to new information technologies
4- Give career advice to graduates;
5- Organize conferences to promote research and development;
6- Organize seminars and short courses to train middle managers;
7- Develop knowledge to address the problems faced by young African entrepreneurs;
8- Help future entrepreneurs to build sustainable businesses and to improve the performance of their businesses;
9- Use our expertise to address issues of ongoing development;
10- Overall, build capacity and skills of Africans to find lasting solutions to the problems in their countries.

Companies, like individuals, can become donors to the Institute of AVIDE EDUCATION. They thus contribute to the development of high-level projects within the Institute of AVIDE EDUCATION, future sources of economic development.