Our Approach

Our primary objective is to facilitate transfer of knowledge to create a pool of highly employable professionals and citizens aware of the role they have to play for the development of their countries and on the global. To achieve that objective, AVIDE will:

  • Offer via high quality education with a focus on leadership and managerial roles;
  • Give career guidance to potential graduates;
  • Organize short term seminars, conferences  and courses designed to promote research development;
  • Use our expertise to address current development issues;
  • Overall, build the capabilities and life skills of Africans so that they will be able to take the lead in finding strategies for the development of their countries.


Make use of available teaching and learning technologies to increase access to quality higher education


Through a series of strategic partnerships, offer programs that respond to the needs of the markets and facilitate transfer of knowledge for the benefit of African countries and their populations;

Socially responsible:

in helping its graduates develop sustainable enterprises and in engaging with the community at large to find sustainable solutions to the problems they face and are likely to face in the future;

The AVIDE learning environment will be revolutionary, not only in the media used to deliver courses, but also in the methods employed. Currently, in most tertiary institutions in West Africa, the transmission of knowledge is quite vertical with an all-knowing teacher at the center. In contrast, AVIDE governance and pedagogy empower the students so as to enable them to become autonomous individuals capable of creating knowledge and shaping it to suit the challenges of their own circumstances and their workplaces. The teaching method of AVIDE is to help learners develop critical thinking to provide relevant answers to the problems of society. In this context, the integration of ICT into teaching as well as governance of the institute will be an imperative for the dissemination of knowledge as well as effective, efficient and high quality management.

Companies, like individuals, can become donors to the Institute of AVIDE EDUCATION. They thus contribute to the development of high-level projects within the Institute of AVIDE EDUCATION, future sources of economic development.