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Welcome to AVIDE Education Student

Welcome to Student AVIDE Education

AVIDE is a private institution of Higher Education which offers innovative programs and a range of professional development courses, online, as well as face-to-face. In addition, the Institute offers advisory services to business corporations in the areas of Management, Development Studies, Marketing and Accounting and Auditing.

The AVIDE learning environment will be revolutionary, not only in the media used to deliver courses, but also in the methods employed. Currently, in most tertiary institutions in West Africa, the transmission of knowledge is quite vertical with an all-knowing teacher at the center. In contrast, AVIDE governance and pedagogy empower the students so as to enable them to become autonomous individuals capable of creating knowledge and shaping it to suit the challenges of their own circumstances and their workplaces. The teaching method of AVIDE is to help learners develop critical thinking to provide relevant answers to the problems of society. In this context, the integration of ICT into teaching as well as governance of the institute will be an imperative for the dissemination of knowledge as well as effective, efficient and high quality management.

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NDEYE SALIMATA FALL, Ph.D - President of AVIDE Education


In 1989, Education was established as a basic right at the convention on the rights of the child. At a time where most Sub-Saharan African leaders are striving for development, we believe that such a goal will be unreachable without high quality education accessible to the majority of young men and women of the continent.

Our vision for Africa is a continent where the youth have the opportunity to have access to the same quality education offered in other continents in order to enable them to successfully compete on the same level and work for the development of their countries while keeping their identity. Our foremost aim is to facilitate the emergence of African leaders through the delivery of programs of high standards. Our learning environment is designed to nurture the inherent talents in each and every one of our students and enable them to draw their paths to a successful career. We invite you to discover our innovative programs and strong global partnerships and hope to count you very soon among our students.